You Don’t Have to Go to War When You Divorce

But when you need someone to fight for you, we’ve got your back

Divorce is often a period of major upheaval, with strong emotions on both sides. We recognize that many of our clients want the quickest, most affordable, and least painful option for all involved. And we’re very good at that.

But if things turn contentious, we’re more than up for the challenge.


Hire the Best Divorce Lawyer in Chamblee, Georgia

Like fingerprints, no divorce is exactly the same.

Most divorces in Georgia go to mediation before trial. During this process, we’ll help you negotiate effectively with the other party to achieve a fair and equitable agreement without the need to go to court.

But some clients have major disagreements around issues such as the division of assets, child custody, alimony, and complex business entanglements. These cases often wind up in court. And when they do, we’re ready to fight your battles.

No matter your circumstances, we can help you achieve the best possible outcome – in court or out of it.

Components of a Divorce

Many divorces have at least one of these complicating factors:

Child Custody

The child’s best interests come first when making custody decisions. But many divorcing couples have at least some disagreements with regard to what is best for their children.

We have extensive experience helping parents achieve the best outcome possible with regard to issues such as:

  • How the child’s time is divided between parents
  • Which parent is the primary caretaker
  • Who makes final decisions with regard to the child’s care

Division of Assets

The courts in Georgia will try to split your assets fairly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean equally.

There’s no established formula for the equitable division of assets in Georgia.

That’s why, even in amicable divorces, you’ll need a knowledgeable partner to help make sure you receive everything you’re entitled to.

Some factors to consider include:

  • Which of your properties, debts, and assets can be considered “marital”
  • Fairly separating comingled property
  • Getting what you deserve for your non-economic contributions to the marriage


Child Support

It’s crucial to establish a fair basis for child support during your divorce—as this can make a big difference in the lives of both parents and children.

Some factors to consider here include:

  • Determining income levels and expenses for childcare
  • Establishing an amount that’s appropriate and fair
  • What happens if the non-custodial parent can’t or won’t pay


In some cases, one spouse will be ordered to support the other financially after the split. There is no set formula for determining the amount of alimony, so you’ll need a knowledgeable partner on your side.

Some issues to consider include:

  • The needs of the alimony-seeking spouse, vs. the other spouse’s ability to pay
  • The amount awarded based on both spouses’ contributions to the marriage
  • The spouses’ past behavior toward each other

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