So Your Child Has Been Accused of Sexual Assault

When you send your child off to college, the last thing you expect is that they will be accused of sexual misconduct. But it can happen and when it does, the accused often have few protections.

What to Expect When Your Child is Accused

Every college’s procedures are a little different. But many leave a lot to be desired.

The person investigating your child’s case may have no specialized expertise or training in Title IX law.

In addition, your child may have to defend themselves in a conduct hearing, even calling their own witnesses and presenting evidence.

It’s a challenging environment and no college student, no matter how smart, is prepared for it.

These conduct hearings can produce decisions that will affect your child’s life profoundly. They may be expelled from school, face criminal charges, and have a black spot on their record that will affect their lives for a long time.

A lawyer should absolutely be present at this process, given the steep consequences and all it asks of students. But many accused students don’t get that protection.

Don’t let this happen to your child.


What We Can Do For You and Your Child

If your child has been accused of sexual misconduct, you need an experienced Title IX lawyer.

Colleges are required to provide resources for students who are accused of sexual assault under Title IX.

But they often fall down in teaching students how to defend themselves.

Meanwhile, your child may be living a nightmare at school – eating, taking classes, and living around people who have strong feelings about the charges. In defending themselves, they may say things that qualify as defamation against the accuser. This exposes them to additional criminal charges down the road.

An experienced lawyer can protect your child and help them avoid such pitfalls in navigating this challenging time. We can also:

• Help you and your child understand the school’s policies and the charges against them
• Explain your rights under your school’s code of conduct and broader legislation
• Investigate the circumstances and prepare a rigorous defense
• Participate in all hearings and investigations as allowed, and negotiate a disposition if required
• Be your child’s advocate to Title IX investigators, coordinators, and disciplinary panels
• Represent your child in court if criminal charges are brought
• Ensure your child is treated fairly, and gets the due process they are entitled to under the law


Work With an Experienced Title IX Lawyer

If your child has been accused of sexual assault, don’t wait to talk to a lawyer. These cases usually move fast – they can be resolved in as little as a few months after an accusation is made.

With more than 20 years of experience, Robyn Oliver Webb specializes in handling Title IX issues from middle school to university level. She has successfully defended hundreds of students, teachers, and faculty caught up in Title IX charges.

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